Approaching Tasks

Stop multitasking. Focus on achieving one thing at a time.

Break out big tasks into sub-tasks. Start with the smallest possible task.

Use the starting momentum to pull you through more tasks.

Relieve pressure by writing down exactly what you need to do. Record it and remove it when complete.

Avoiding Distractions

Realize that most of the world is out there to distract you.

Position yourself away from distractions. In the digital space, that could be:

  • Simplifying the user interface (hiding bookmarks bar, using less tabs, utilizing ad blockers to hide distracting website elements)
  • Minimizing notifications, pop-ups, alerts, or any abrupt messaging that distracts you from completing the task at hand.


Remember to exercise, aim for 1 hour a day.

Avoid added sugar and simple carbohydrates.

Get enough sleep. Important for brain function.

Strategies to Try

Morning Routine

Optimize your morning routine by starting the day in an ideal way. Make the bed. Drink enough water. Avoid using your phone. Do things that make you feel good.

Inbox Zero

Approach to maintaining an empty inbox. Delete, delegate, respond, defer, do.

Caffeine Nap

A short nap after consuming coffee.


Practice mindfulness to discover your mind, thoughts, reactions, and understand your consciousness and default behaviors.

Mind Dump

Open a word document and log your ideas. Clear your mind and memory by putting your thoughts on paper.